Commission Free

Break free from paying 3rd parties a commission to reach your customers and make online ordering so easy that your customers think of you first, before anyone else!


Set custom delivery zones, fees, and even pick-up times.

You can even draw your delivery areas on a map so you can make every delivery work perfectly for your business.

Run Promotions

Instantly reach out to your customers whenever you want with personalised offers.

Target them individually, or put them into groups and shout out incentives right to their phones— for free!

Make your Life Easier

Integrate with any of our POS providers.

Detailed product sales reporting.

Full menu control.

Provide your customers with the convenience (and safety) of online ordering for less than the price of your daily cup of coffee and now, your customers want to order from you online

With the ongoing spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), online ordering is not only convenient for your customers,it’s also a safe alternative! The World Health Organisation’s recommendations are changing daily and online ordering may soon be one of the only means of servicing your customers. In New York, restaurant and bar owners can now be arrested if they refuse to abide by Mayor Bill de Blasio’s executive order to restrict them to delivery and take-out only.

Add your own personal app for your restaurant for only

$149/ Month

  • Android & Apple
  • Keep a direct link to your customers
  • Do App only promotions
  • Live notifications
  • Have customers order food pickup and delivery from the App

The 11 most important questions to ask of ANY Online Ordering System

1. How can people access my online ordering?

So, you’re going to want links and widgets to put on your website; facebook; Instagram and google business pages so as many customers as possible can order from you. If you’re no techy and don’t know how to put these live. We’ll happily do it all for you.

2. Can I up-sell?

Super important – with the My Local Eats system you have the options to add modifiers as you see fit to any menu item and even make them mandatory: Double bacon cheese burger – want fries with that?

3. Can I offer delivery?

The My Local Eats system allows you to create a delivery radius or individually select suburbs that you want to deliver to. You can even set different delivery prices for different suburbs.

4. Can I control my pick up and delivery times?

With My Local Eats you can set your own pick-up and delivery times.

5. Does your system integrate with my POS?

This one is always going to depend on what POS you are using.

6. How quickly can I make changes to online ordering?

If your online ordering doesn’t allow you to update instantly – change! You don’t have to be a genius to know that if you sell out of something you want it off the menu immediately. .

7. Can I have special terms and conditions?

‘we only deliver to the door’ – you can thank corona virus for that one!

8. What commissions do you take on orders?

Now this is an important question! At My Local Eats we take 3 types of commission – zip, zero, and nada! That’s right we take no commission on you online orders. You can thank Uber and every predatory aggregator that is for that one.

9. Can I offer discounts and promotions?

Two for one Pizzas? 20% off your order? Spend $50 and $20 off: Yes, Yes and Yes, the My Local Eats system does it all.

10. When do I get paid the money from customer orders?

If your system doesn’t allow you to access your money when you want to, dump it! There should be no more than a days delay on being able to access the cash you have earned on orders – with My Local Eats you choose when you get paid and and you can thank every client that has come on board before you for that one.

11. Who owns the data?

You do! Every order builds you a database of customers you can retarget. At My Local Eats we don’t retarget your customers with promotions of others. If fact at My Local Eats, we’ll give you your very own app to easily retarget customers and the exact data to retarget them with!

At My Local Eats we’re not about profiting from every order irrespective of where it come from. We understand that you want online ordering to work for you. Check out what our current clients say about us.

Get the right partner in your corner.

We can set you up with Commission-Free Online Ordering in under 24 hours

At My Local Eats, we make online ordering easy!

We’ll get straight on to uploading your menu, adding modifiers and setting the conditions you want around your online ordering.

We’ll provide you all the necessary widgets and links to put on your website; Facebook and Google pages. (We will even do this for you if you like!)

To support your online ordering. AGFG will build you a campaign that’s boosted to your region via their weekly ‘What’s On’ Guide….ABSOLUTELY FREE

  • Shikara Mindarie
    Shakara Indian Restaurant
  • My local Eats providing a great online system, I have been using their services since been about a year and its been exceptional, they provide you best online solution, online ordering system along with application . Scott have a deep knowledge and always there to help & provide the best solution according to your business needs .. I’m saving alot on extra fees & charges like Menulog, etc

    Shamas Bashir
    Shakara Indian Restaurant
  • “We love the online sales results, we see higher sales revenue per order through the website, and the advantage of having all products visible for the client.”

    Restaurant Owner | Azteca Exotic Foods
  • “My business has grown significantly with the sales optimized website. My sales have quadrupled since using it. It’s the best online food ordering system.”

    Restaurant Owner | Palm Harbor FL, USA

Start Taking Orders Today

Our online ordering benefits both you and your customers.

Don’t pay 30 to 35% of the cost of an order to an online ordering company. Don’t even pay 8 to 12%! For a low flat fee of just $3.25 per day (paid monthly) we’ll set you up with a seamless online ordering experience that is rewarding for both you and your customers.

Using some third-party ordering companies, not only are you forfeiting the majority of your profit in predatory commissions, you’re also serving up your customers to be consistently marketed to your direct competitors.

At My Local Eats we don’t market or promote any deals of other restaurants in the hope of increasing commissions. Our flat rate means we align with your interests of keeping your customers loyal to you.

We’ll give you your very own app to make it super easy for your customers to order from you, and ridiculously easy for you to reach out and entice them with specials; events; promos;…. Or simply when you need them to support you more than usual.

What’s more?

When you get online ordering with My Local Eats, for our outrageously low cost of just $3.25 per day, you also get commission-free online bookings and commission-free Tap-Order-Pay at no additional cost!

That means you get all the benefits of our real time online ordering; real time booking widget and real time Tap-Order-Pay for just $3.25 per day.